JACKSONVILLE, FL, April 23, 2019 — MortgageFlex Systems, a leading LOS and servicing provider has announced its successful implementation of its LOS, MortgageFlexONE at Priority Funding LLC, a wholly-owned affiliate of BayCoast Bank. Priority Funding, who is a leading provider of mobile and manufactured home loan programs initially looked for a LOS that could fit their requirements. Priority Funding found MortgageFlexONE the right system to support their goals of performing outstanding service in manufactured and mobile home financing. 

“Finding technology that can be utilized in our niche lending area has been a challenge for years,” commented Matt Strand, Executive Vice President of Priority Funding. “We were very pleased to learn about MortgageFlexONE, how customizable it was and how it had a platform already tailored to meet our needs. We operate in an age where technology is essential in order for lenders to effectively and efficiently originate loans, while at the same time needing to comply with many reporting and regulatory requirements. MortgageFlexONE is helping us to overcome those obstacles.”    

MortgageFlexONE is an intuitive system that operates on a modern relational database. It operates efficiently with manufactured homes and chattel loans. Priority Funding focuses on originating and closing high-quality, compliant loans. MortgageFlexONE will help eliminate risk and lower the up-front work and expense by allowing for multiple users to work in the same loan file at one time. MortgageFlexONE also uses business-rules to decrease time and increase efficiency. 

“Partnering with chattel lenders like Priority Funding, enable us to enhance the development of our manufactured housing lending capabilities,” COO of MortgageFlex, Craig Bechtle said. “For several years, we’ve delivered mortgage and consumer lending within the same, single system. Building upon that foundation, our extension into manufactured housing was an easy decision. Lenders are looking to simplify their operations. We can deliver with our combined platform for mortgage, consumer lending and manufactured housing.


About MortgageFlex:

MortgageFlex Systems was founded in 1980 in Jacksonville, FL for one reason – to simplify mortgage lending. After 38 years, we’re still focused on the mortgage industry and dedicated to providing lenders with smart software solutions. Our mission is to provide retail, wholesale, and correspondent channels with the most cost-effective LOS and servicing software. Our services include 24/7 support, hosting, managed services, and implementation. MortgageFlex Systems looks to cultivate a strong partnership and is dedicated to helping reach your optimal potential with our LOS, MortgageFlexONE- ‘The New Peak of Efficiency.’ www.mortgageflex.com (904) 356-2490.

About Priority Funding:

Priority Funding LLC was founded in 2003 in Northboro, MA and has always focused on two objectives: 1) providing the underserved manufactured home buyers’ market with competitive and affordable loan programs; and 2) helping banks and credit unions to build profitable and safe manufactured home loan portfolios.  Since its inception, Priority Funding has emerged as the leading provider of Manufactured Home loans to borrowers and Lenders throughout the Northeast and has expanded its operations to the Mid-Atlantic region, Florida, Michigan, Arizona and Texas.  In 2017, Priority Funding was acquired by BayCoast Bank in Swansea, MA.  Priority Funding now operates as a wholly-owned affiliate of BayCoast. Borrowers, lenders and other industry professionals can learn more at www.priloan.com or call us toll-free at (877) 393-5511.