2022 is all about firsts for Flex! MortgageFlex announces the second generation of its cloud-based servicing system. The system was released in 2019 as the industry’s first Web Based Cloud Servicing and the new technology framework represents the most modern servicing solution available in the industry. Built upon an open data structure where the servicer is not paying additionally to access their data, it allows for real time access and real time transactions. MortgageFlexONE Servicing; Bilingual portal and customer service capable, and browser/device agnostic.

Announcing our new standalone cloud-based Correspondent Acquisition Portal, the first system to be able to handle bulk commitments and live pricing. Designed for both buyer/sellers, with OCR driven auto generation of purchase conditions, workflow, velocity of the purchase process, best efforts or Mandatory, extend lock policy to the portal including extensions & relocks. Stop by booth 1233 in Nashville to learn about how Flex is first! MortgageFlex.com