MortgageFlexONE: The Loan Origination Software That Does It All

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MortgageFlexONE: The Loan Origination Software That Does It All

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Lowest Cost to Originate

Easy-to-Use Interface


Time-Tested Platform

The market is being flooded with new startups in the loan origination arena who are all promising things without any true track record of delivering. This makes it difficult and confusing to know who can actually do what they promise.

We believe that promises should be backed up with a proven history of delivering what was promised.

Like you, we’re frustrated with companies who say they can improve systems for loan officers, only to complicate them and move on to someone else.

For the last 40 years, MortgageFlex has been consistently delivering on our promises and improving our platform for loan origination, with the lowest cost to originate on the market. 


Features Your Whole Team Will Love

Engage Consumer

Lenders and Servicers, are you truly engaged with your customers? Introducing MortgageFlex Engage, the Digital solution suite that supports the borrower for all lending and servicing needs. Customers and Loan Officers in one platform for origination using ENGAGEConsumer and ENGAGELoanOfficer. Instantly create any new type of mortgage, chattel, HELOC or consumer loan directly from ENGAGEServicing by moving the serving data directly into ENGAGEConsumer with single sign on and over 30% of the application is already completed.

Engage Loan Officer

ENGAGELoanOfficer can instantly notify the Loan Officer, shadow the consumer in the loan and even select the screens to show the borrower per loan. Did we mention the borrower side is bilingual?

All dynamically built on our modern MortgageFlexONE Origination and Servicing system.

The TPO Portal

This portal makes it faster and easier than ever to work together in real-time for unprecedented levels of visibility and flexibility. Remote employees can price, lock, and get an AU recommendation all at once. 

Your team can also search and locate your latest products, rates, and data as well as set the necessary conditions and controls. The TPO portal can also be branded with your look and feel.

A Better System is Just Better.

View Our Full Capabilities Specs Sheet

Download this document to view a comprehensive sheet on the specifications and capabilities of MortgageFlexOne. You’ll learn more about capabilities such as:


Lead Management






Loan Application




Product & Pricing Management

And Much More!

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It’s time to skip the hassle of another frustrating software mistake. Let’s make you the hero who made everyone’s jobs easier.

Ongoing Support When it Matters 

We believe our clients deserve to be supported at every step – not just onboarding. 

That’s why we’ve built ongoing mortgage support into our platform at every level with a single request. We provide prompt and live support, which means you don’t have to wait 24 hours to talk to a real person. Unequaled support for our clients at every level. 

That’s why we’re here.

Secure Hosting

 Hosting Services helps you achieve your financial goals while maintaining the quality and security demanded by the lending industry. MortgageFlex offers complete Hosting Services in a certified data center, guaranteeing you high-quality, reliable service. We are a Microsoft Gold Application Development partner and have been SOC 1 certified since 2006. We have the experience you need to succeed.

Hosted clients have current, compliant system access in a single instance environment minus the ongoing, in-house expense. All environmental changes are managed by MortgageFlex, at the client’s direction.


Security with Microsoft Azure


We have partnered with Microsoft Azure to create an extremely cost-effective, secure and scalable solution using the latest in cloud technology. Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that enables us to quickly build, deploy, and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers.