Finally. A Better Way to Service Loans.

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Finally. A Better Way to Service Loans.

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100% No Data Loss Guarantee

Lower Cost to Implement

Lower Servicing Fees

Let’s Stop the Frustration of Loan Servicing Platforms.

Staying with an outdated and difficult loan servicing platform is not only costing you more money, but it’s also frustrating your staff and limiting your organization’s ability to stay competitive. 

Legacy loan servicing providers want you to believe that switching platforms is costly and risky. But that is because they don’t guarantee that data won’t be lost, they insist on high implementation fees, and have high servicing fees with hidden costs for accessing your data that they don’t tell you about upfront. 

This is frustrating for you. It’s frustrating for us too. 

We have a better system.

Features Your Whole Team Will Love

100% Guarantee of No Data Loss in Implementation.

Lower Implementation Costs Than Most Competitors.

Transparent and Easy Access to Your Data

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Service Loans with Ease.

For the last 40 years, MortgageFlex has been looking for better and better ways to serve our customers. That’s why we reduce the average cost per loan, have a commitment to better customer service, and to having lower servicing fees than most competitors.
MortgageFlex Servicing is web-based, flexible, and scalable. Built using the latest .NET technology, the system provides additional flexibility and reduced development time while allowing users to work from multiple locations via the Internet without additional communications equipment. 

Unlike many servicing systems, MortgageFlex Servicing features real-time updating with group-controlled payment processing, allowing your customer service representatives to have current loan-level information readily available.

Download Our Full Spec Sheet

Looking for more specs? Download our fact sheet on MortgageFlex Servicing to learn more about:


The Technology




Hosting Services


Backup Processes


Payment Processing






And More!

The Servicing Portal

The MortgageFlex Servicing Portal extends your customer service support to 24/7. The portal provides customer-friendly self-service support for the most common requests made to your customer service department. The information is presented in real-time and offers convenient access on multiple devices including web browsers, tablets, and phones. Customer satisfaction is improved while significantly reducing call volume to customer service.


  • Last payment received amount and date
  • Next due payment
  • Scheduled payments
  • Set up recurring ACH payments
  • Setup one-time ACH payment
  • Set up additional principal and escrow payments
  • Set up alternative payment amounts
  • Account history of payments and disbursements

Loan Information

  • Loan program and interest rate
  • Next payment due date and amount
  • Original and current loan balances
  • Principal and Interest payments YTD
  • Escrow balances
  • Payment breakdown (P&I, Taxes, and Insurance
  • Maturity date and number of payments remaining
  • Online payoff estimates and payoff requests

Online Documents

  • Monthly statements
  • Escrow analysis
  • Year-end tax form (1098)


  • Bank account setup
  • Address and contact information
  • Notifications preferences