An LOS that does it all. What you need to know before choosing a LOS to support manufactured home loans.

For lenders, manufactured homes have been a challenge. A challenge that may have found a solution with the help of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Their big initiative to expand their efforts in manufactured home lending has everyone anticipating a turn of events.

As Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae expand their efforts, we’re also following in their footsteps to expand our effort and technology to reach manufactured home lenders. Our plan to support this market geared toward the affordable home starts with our LOS, MortgageFlexONE.  Our LOS gives users a completely digital environment. It’s one single system of record for all loans. It’s built around efficiency with automatic workflow and no templates. It allows the user to simply manage all loan documents that guide you from start to finish.

Very few system’s have this ability, which is why we take pride in the system and in what we do.