We got a recommendation recently for a book (below).  It speaks to the herd mentality, the one that purports a thought that there is safety in the herd.  We’re pretty sure that is a trueism in the animal kingdom.  We don’t live in the animal kingdom.

As business people, we certainly understand the concept of differentiation.  If we walk and talk or operate just like our competition, it will be very hard to out sprint the competition when it comes time to sprint.  When you run with the crowd, you will end up with the crowd.  If you run alone, bet on yourself and you give yourself the opportunity to outrun the crowd.

If you desire to use the same tools as your competitors, how can you expect to succeed?  Your tools are no better than theirs are.  When you’re looking for an advantage (your shareholders or members are expecting that from you), going with the herd will limit your ability to succeed above your competitors.   Stand apard from the herd and give yourself the best chance of being noticed.