Lenders and Servicers, with all the uncertainty in the marketplace and the recently announced merger of two of the larger players in the space, are you concerned about your importance to an entity that is beholden to Wall Street? Maybe it is time to go back to your roots of working with like-minded entrepreneurs that once dominated the LOS and Servicing space? Companies that want your input and let you get involved in the direction of your systems? We are investing heavily in the latest tech stack and we are partnering with many of the leading fintech providers, and as we always say we report to you, not Wall Street. Come find out why lenders come to us to be different than everyone else. Mortgage/HELOC/Consumer/Chattel/Servicing all in one system. All are backed by the industry’s first Bilingual consumer-facing mobile and portal tools and the first true web-based servicing platform. Contact me, John McCrea, SVP, Business Development jmccrea@mortgageflex.com