Lester Dominick, of MortgageFlex Systems, Inc., has won the 2022 Thought Leader Award.

Lending today is dominated by innovation in the origination space with numerous Point-of-Sale products being introduced. However, the cost of originating keeps going up. Acquiring customers is as challenging as ever and as the market retreats, cost savings are going to be hard to come by. Investment in real technology that improves productivity while keeping costs in check is very important.

As President of MortgageFlex, Lester Dominick has proven that he is a true innovator. He is responsible for the development of multiple efforts which have been implemented within systems technology as solutions for the lending industry for over 40 years. The build of product platforms which supports evolving business processes and government compliance requirements with business rules, intuitive workflow and embedded product and pricing engines.

Of particular focus is the new Loan Servicing product, introduced by MortgageFlex in the past year. The Servicing space, while well supported by the single dominant provider, has not seen any leading-edge technology innovation in many years. Lester saw an opportunity and the result is the industry’s first web-based servicing platform accompanied by a multi-lingual consumer facing portal.

Lester is quoted as saying, “We understand that while the importance of acquiring a client is particularly important, keeping the client and minimizing the cost to retain the client is also very important. Investment in loan servicing, pays dividends in reduced expenses and results in happier clients.”