MortgageFlex Publishes White Paper on Servicing Disruption

Many talk about it, but few really understand what it takes to disrupt an industry.

JACKSONVILLE, FL, August 24, 2023 — MortgageFlex, one of the industry’s original mortgage technology developers and creator of the MortgageFlexONE LOS and the companion second generation, cloud-native mortgage servicing software platform, has published a new white paper entitled, “The Evolution of Modern Servicing Software: Why industry disruption from the inside is changing how the mortgage servicing industry operates.” In its new paper, company leaders suggest that it’s not the technology that leads to disruption, but rather the mortgage servicers that put it to use.

“Plenty of vendors will tell lenders and servicers that they are disrupting the industry, but that’s not really how it works,” said Craig Bechtle, COO of MortgageFlex Systems. “After years of outside fintech firms coming into the space with promises of widespread industry disruption, only to offer poorly architected software built with little understanding of our compliance requirements or existing ecosystem of partner relationships, the industry is tired of the idea. But that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t love to be the disrupters.”

Bechtle says mortgage servicers know the industry is in need of a reset and industry disruption may be the only way to meet the government’s new requirements, but without the right software their hands are tied. To disrupt an industry like mortgage servicing, servicers need the right technology. When they get it, disruption will happen quickly.

“Mortgage servicers won’t use something that doesn’t work,” Bechtle says. “But if it truly allows them to create the kind of servicing business they want in a fully compliant manner, they’ll come on board quickly.”

The MortgageFlex servicing platform uses an open, modern sequel database that provides the servicer access to their data at any time at no extra cost. The system includes simple-to-use industry-standard reporting tools. The servicer may also access their data with third-party tools. Further, MortgageFlex will convert the servicer’s existing data at a minimum cost.

The platform is easy for both users and mortgage borrowers. It includes consumer facing tools that drive over 80% of all customer service inquiries to the web, saving servicers time and money. For users, it moves away from the 1960’s era green screens that still lie behind most servicing software and works exactly like the modern web apps in use today. There are no transaction codes to memorize to navigate the system. It’s all very intuitive, significantly reducing training time and errors.

Perhaps best of all, the updated servicing platform is built on the same intuitive user interface that has made MortgageFlexONE one of the industry’s leading loan origination systems. The flexible design allows services to tailor the solution to meet data consistency and accuracy requirements. New implementations come with dedicated production, test, and report servers at the closest Microsoft data center.

The new white paper doesn’t focus on the technology the company is bringing to market, but what mortgage servicers must be willing to do with it to disrupt their industry and get maximum benefit from the platform. Bechtle says the conversations the company is having with mortgage servicers tells him that they are ready to take action and build stronger businesses.

Servicers can download a copy of the new White Paper here.

About MortgageFlex

MortgageFlex Systems was founded in Jacksonville, FL for one reason – to simplify mortgage lending. Since our inception, the company is still focused on the mortgage industry and dedicated to providing lenders with smart software solutions. Its mission is to provide retail, wholesale, and correspondent channels with the most cost-effective LOS and servicing software. Company services include 24/7 support, hosting, managed services, and implementation. MortgageFlex Systems looks to cultivate a strong partnership and is dedicated to helping reach your optimal potential with our LOS, MortgageFlexONE- “The New Peak of Efficiency.”

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