For startups and smaller businesses who have an interest in servicing loans, now’s the time to start. Squash the myth surrounding servicing. The big misconception, it’s hard to start or convert from a third-party servicer. It’s simpler with an advanced tool to help you. To stop this misconception, use an intuitive system that will deploy in weeks using a browser-based solution that’s Microsoft Hosting. Also, use a tool that manages all end-to-end servicing needs, including a complete digital experience for the customer to access payments, history, and data. One system that works in real-time and generates reports while reducing yearly servicing costs. MortgageFlex Systems provides this kind of support as well as, an automatic workflow queue-based system to save time. If your worry is a challenging long process, MortgageFlex can help ease your thoughts. Our system has a short learning curve with 24/7 support and access. Servicing made for all.