With the recent run-up in home values, we’ve noticed an increased interest in HELOC functionality. Accordingly, there’s been introductions of a ‘new’ HELOC functionality by some high-profile software providers. While others are just introducing their functionality,

MortgageFlex Systems has been providing HELOC support for 20 years. MortgageFlex is live with a HELOC only lender and results show major operational efficiencies. ‘MortgageFlexONE, LOS supports first mortgages plus open and close-end seconds,’ Craig Bechtle, COO of MortgageFlex Systems said. ‘Additional modules expand the functionality of the LOS. We also support construction loans, chattel loans, manufactured home lending, and consumer lending in one platform.’ With increased emphasis on cost containment and loan quality, MortgageFlex has been building an efficient LOS. With MortgageFlexONE you get higher quality loans per user. You don’t need two or three origination systems anymore. Expand your capabilities in one decision.